Dog Harness Reviews

I’ve found walking my dogs to be a challenge. They want to walk me instead! A dog that is walking you can lead to serious injuries for both you and the dog. The goal is to walk as a team with a loose leash and your dog walking calmly beside you. Using the right dog harness or collar is an important aid in achieving a fun and safe walking experience.

Traditional Dog Harness

Traditional Dog Harness

Traditional dog harnesses are popular because they prevent potential neck injuries. This is an example of a traditional harness. Like a horse harness it is ideal for dragging a wagon or yourself around the block. Needless to say this isn’t my recommended choice of a harness but if you have your heart set on one then this is a good option Adjustable Harness.

Mesh Front No Pull Harness

Another possibility is the mesh front no pull dog harness. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my dog. He went right on pulling! If you want to give it a try though this one might work for you Non-Pulling Mesh Harness.

A No Pull Harness that works!

My recommendation for the best dog harness is a specialized no pull harness. You’ll find these harnesses attach the leash in front of the dogs chest. I recommend the  Premier Easy Walk Pet Harness or SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness. Be careful to make sure the fit is right or it won’t work well and could come off all together. These harnesses are becoming a popular choice of dog shelters and I know from personal experience that it works well. Don’t give up if one brand doesn’t fit right there are several to choose from.

Holt Head Collar

Finally, a recommendation for a Holt Dog Walking Collar head collar. While not a harness this gives ultimate control of your dog’s head. Once again be sure the fit is right. To use the horse analogy this collar is exactly like a halter for a horse. It will take some time and treats but your dog will get use to it. After all the walk is worth it, right? I think so!

The Holt Dog Walking Collar collar has nice straps a padded nose piece and sturdy clip. Another good option is the Halti Training Head Collar version. It works well too just like the Holt. Finally in the head collar category is the Gentle Leader Quick Release Head Collar. This collar looks like it sits too close to the dog’s eyes with a thin strap. It just looks uncomfortable to me.

Hopefully one of these products will help improve your walking experience and keep you and your dog safer!