Best Dog Toys

I thought it might be fun to review what in my opinion are the best dog toys and my dog’s of course!

First for fun is the Kong Jump ‘N Jack. The unpredictable bounce adds tons of fun to a game of fetch! Even my llasa apso can fetch the large version so it’s very versatile if you happen to have dogs of all sizes. Filling the ribs with a bit of Kong paste also makes it a good toy to leave for home alone time as they will spend a long time gnawing and chewing for just a tiny dab of treat flavor.

Running in a close second place is American Classic plush toys. Some of these last a long time some don’t. However, they are always loved and always lasted longer than other plushes with my pit bull. Even with the stuffing removed they love this toy!

I personally enjoyed these toys without stuffing since I didn’t have to clean up the stuffing all over the house. My dogs enjoyed the several that I have bought for them. Sadly, the fabric ripped apart too fast so I wouldn’t buy them for dogs that rip toys apart.