Best Training Treats

When training your dog it is important to use training treats that they LOVE. Feed them tiny pieces of the treat so they don’t get full and lose interest in what you’re trying to teach them. Remember to keep training sessions short too. Try to stop a training session before they get bored so the time ends on your terms. If they do lose interest don’t try to force them to pay attention. Training time needs to be fun time. Who doesn’t learn better when it’s fun?

So what are the best training treats?

These are my favorite training treats because they are small and/or easy to tear smaller. The Zukes are tiny already but I still often times break them in half, ¬†Teddy and Bailey still gobble them up and work for more. I also feel good feeding my dogs these treats as they are “real” food. Healthy and tasty!

1. Zukes – my dogs love these the best. They are soft, moist and flavorful.

2. Wellness WellBites – easy to tear apart and come in really fun flavors.

3. PureBites Beef Liver – Dogs love liver!