Tear Stain Treatment

When  we brought home our adorable Llasa mix he had the cutest face.

Teddy in January 2011

As time went by we noticed brown stains under his eyes. The vet said his tear ducts were plugged and recommended keeping the area clean including the hair trimmed very short in the corner of his eyes. When he was in for neutering they tried unplugging them and one did clear up for a while. We tried massaging the area but nothing really helped. The vet recommended a product called Angels’ Eyes Natural Tear Stain Eliminator Remover but also said it was expensive so I resisted buying it. Eventually though as you can see the staining was distracting from his cuteness and it stunk.

Teddy in May 2011

So, I found Angels’ Eyes for a good price on Amazon and ordered a small bottle. I mix it in a dab of canned food to get him to eat it. When that bottle was gone I didn’t see much improvement.

I did more internet research and found it could be a yeast infection and tea tree oil might help. I mixed up some tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle and carefully dampened the area around his eyes for a couple weeks. Didn’t help at all and if anything the brown stains got worse. Looking back at pictures I could see the Angels’ Eyes had helped. So I bought more and he has been on it steadily for 4 months now. You can see the results! Be patient though it does take quite some time but the results are worth it.

Teddy in October 2011 about 1 month after resuming Angel’s Eyes

Teddy in January 2012 after 4 full months on Angel’s Eyes