Top 4 Collars & Harnesses

These are my recommendations for helping maintain control of the dog on a walk. The goal is to have your dog walking calmly beside you with a loose leash.

Ranked from my favorite to least favorite. These in addition to attending an obedience class will ensure a pleasant and safe walk for both you and your dog. Teaching a dog to walk politely takes lots of practice and patience but it is worth the effort.

1. Holt Head Collar

A great gentle way to keep maximum control of a lunging dog. It takes some getting use to but with plenty of treats and determination you will win. Make sure you read the fitting instructions – it is very important.

2. Premier Easy Walk Harness

Quickly becoming the favorite walking harness of all times. A great invention. Easy to use and really works well for most dogs. Make sure the fit is right though.

3. Traditional Choke Chain

Contrary to the name you aren’t suppose to choke the dog only use short correcting tugs. Stubborn dogs learn to ignore it leaving you choking the dog more and more.

4. Traditional Dog Harness

Not a good way to control your dog. I recommend this one only after your dog reliably walks without wanting to lunge off dragging you behind.

Some dogs are extremely stubborn about walking with a loose leash. Keep practicing everyday and seek the help of a professional if needed. Obedience classes are quite fun and a great way to learn the art of being the “master”.